Tender Opportunities

Below are listed any 'Tenders' that are currently in process.

Pre-Qualification stage

These 'Tenders' are currently open for users to submit a 'Pre-Qualification Questionnaire' form on-line. View details of the 'Tender' for further information.

    < There are currently no 'Tenders' open to Pre-Qualification. >

Tenders on-hold awaiting results of Pre-Qualification

    < There are currently no 'Tenders' On-Hold. >

Bid Submission stage

Below are 'Pre-Qualification type Tenders' currently open for successful Pre-Qualification users and 'Open type Tenders' which are open to all users. Click on the Tender for further details of how to submit your Tender Bid on-line.

    < There are currently no 'Tenders' open to Bid Submission. >