About this site

This site allows businesses and contractors to bid for goods, services and works required by the Futures Housing Group and its subsidiary companies. The group includes Futures Housing Group Ltd, the parent company, Daventry & District Housing Ltd – a regional housing association, Futures Greenscape Limited our social enterprise business, Futures Homescape Limited – a regional housing association and Limehouse Limited our new development company.

FHG has a strategic procurement policy that ensures we employ only the nest suppliers and contractors who offer the best value products and services to ensure that our commitment to our customers is maintained at the highest level.

All of our procurement functions are governed by our Financial Regulations and the Public Contract Regulations 2015. This site ensures the opportunity to supply to FHG is open to all, whether a Sole Trader or a PLC. Our policy reflects our obligations to the local economies where our regional offices are based without discriminating against others. We encourage applications from all sections of the community and welcome interest from minority groups.

Registration on this site is purely optional. All current tenders can be viewed freely and openly. However here are processes to go through before you can bid and you may wish to register. By doing so you will receive email notification when tenders you are interested in are published.

Look at the main website for more information about the group www.futureshg.co.uk